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Are you having difficulty finding, hiring and retaining world-class developers? We can help. We have developers available now who have experience in cutting-edge tools and technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, Scala, React, Machine Learning, Cloud/Serverless, Angular, and more). We can help you build amazing market-leading web and mobile apps.

Why would a team of successful software entrepreneurs get into the business of building web and mobile apps for others? Why wouldn’t we just continue building our own software companies?

Our Reasons

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Paying Back

We’ve built software in the Philippines where we got excellent programming and QA talent at very reasonable prices. At the same time we saw Filipino families broken apart as so many of their youth are forced to leave the country to find economic opportunities elsewhere. We realized that we could help solve this problem by making the Philippines a magnet for software development and startups. Two of the three partners at Hooli are Filipino and this was the best way for them to help their country and their people.

One of the big benefits is that building software for others keeps us on the cutting-edge of technology. When you start a new product, and big part of the challenge is selecting the right tools. Once you start with a technology stack, it is very painful to rewrite everything for a new stack. After a while on the same stack, technology passes you by. Many projects we build start with a clean slate, so we get to build expertise in cutting-edge technologies, which is a major benefit.


Proven Guides

Building software and companies is a lot like climbing Mount Everest; there are many pitfalls along the way, and you need a proven guide to help ensure your success. If you were climbing Everest, would you hire a guide who went to Sherpa school, but has never actually climbed Everest? Or would you hire a Sherpa who knew all of the paths, challenges and had actually climbed that mountain a few times? While the answer is obvious, you would be amazed at how many people hire programming shops who have never built their own product or company, let alone a successful one…or four!

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The Difference Between Theory and Practice

One of our favorite aphorisms is: “What’s the difference between theory and practice? In theory, there is no difference, in practice there is.” Many people know the theory of building great software and software companies, but few have actually done it. And only those who have done it, truly know how to do it. In order to improve your chances of success dramatically, seek out and partner with those who have practical experience.

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Caveat Porcus (Pig Beware)

We often use the analogy of the ham and egg breakfast. The chicken is invested, but the pig is committed. Every startup needs a pig, someone who will live or die on the success of the company. Someone who will break down walls to succeed. Having been the pig before, we love to advise you; but you are the pig. We are the chickens. Sure we think and act like partners, but you’re the pig. After realizing that we are far more than a programming shop, our customers often offer us stock, which makes the team feel more like owners, but at the end of the day, you’re the pig. We respect that and will do whatever we can to help you succeed.

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